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    SOUTHERN RAILWAY Museum Mürzzuschlag

    The SOUTHERN RAILWAY Museum in Mürzzuschlag presents two focal exhibitions – in two historic locomotive halls. An exhibition on the cultural history of the Southern Railway from Vienna over the mountain to Trieste in the locomotive assembly hall ‘Neue Montierung’, built in 1919.

    The second exhibition building – the Rundlokschuppen, or roundhouse, built around 1870 – houses a vehicle collection, Austria's largest (perhaps even Europe's largest) for draisines, rail and motor coaches, two-way vehicles and historic steam and electric locomotives.

    The entire museum area

    The new mount and transfer table as well as roundhouse and turntable are under national historic preservation and also in the heart of the UNESCO world cultural heritage site Semmeringbahn. The museum’s special charm is based on its importance in the early days of the railway and uniqueness in Austria.