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    The gateway to the World Heritage Semmering Railway!

    The construction of the railway over the Semmering

    Between 1848 and 1854, the world's first mountain railway was built under the direction of Carl Ritter von Ghega; in 1998, it became the first railway in the world to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    The construction of the Semmeringbahn was a milestone for the transport industry: For the first time, a high mountain range could be crossed with the then-new rail transport system by means of a special route. Numerous large viaducts and tunnels up to 1.5 kilometers long had to be built without any mechanical support.

    The SOUTHERN RAILWAY (SÜDBAHN) Museum Mürzzuschlag

    steiermark card© Steiermark cardTwo locomotive halls host a varied exhibition on the Southern Railway (Südbahn) between Vienna and Trieste and a vehicle exhibition with the largest collection of draisines and motor coaches in Austria. Thanks to the construction of the railway to Graz in 1844, The city of Mürzzuschlag counts as one of the oldest towns in Austria to have a railway, and is full of a rich history of trains

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