Over the hills...

... Vienna-Mürzzuschlag-Trieste in 13 hours 4 minutes


Scientific Team
Dr  Nikolaus Reisinger
Dr Günter Dinhobl
Kerstin Ogris
Exhibition Organisation
Hans Kudlich


‘Mürzzuschlag is the gateway to the South!’
The title of the permanent exhibition stands for reuniting that which has been separated, opening up new spaces – for the longing to come into contact with the ‘wider world’. In Mürzzuschlag there begins a fun ‘journey’ through the varied world of the railway. The construction of the ‘over the mountain’ railway was one of the most spectacular and elaborate railway projects of the 19th century. With the completion of the ‘SÜDBAHN’ in 1857, a non-stop railway connection between the capital city of Vienna and Trieste, the most important port during the Habsburg monarchy, was born.